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Roku OS 8 Update Available with New Improvements and Changes


When it comes to TV streaming products, Roku is one of the most popular brands. While it does compete with Amazon and Apple, Roku’s advantage is that it focuses specifically on these devices. Its competitors announced updates for their products, and now it was Roku’s turn to announce some upcoming additions. Let’s take a look at the latest information.

New operating system

Everyone knows that operating systems are the soul of every device and that is why they are very important. Now Roku announced a new operating system: Roku OS 8. One of the most important changes that comes with the new OS is that users will be able to program from over-the-air TV.

The new operating system comes with some useful shortcuts that allow you to access videos as well. Additionally, Roku is finally adding sign on for paid TV customers.

Also, searching for something will show you both live TV and streaming results and Roku OS 8 will now allow you to use private listening on over-the-air TV on Roku.

You should know that Roku 8 OS  is free and it will be available for sticks, boxes and TV sets. You can expect this update in October and November.

Roku products are receiving updates

The Roku boxes (Roku Express and Roku Express Plus) are getting processor updates. However, their prices will stay the same.

The Roku sticks, such as the basic one, come with processor updates and Roku said that they should be 50 percent faster. The remote is getting some updates of its own, such as power and volume buttons and voice control functionality.

The Roku Streaming Stick Plus now supports 4K Ultra HD and HDR and it will cost you $ 69.99.

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