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[Download] Google Play Services Latest Update with New UI


There’s no doubt about the fact that if you’re an Android user, you know a bit about Google Play, since it’s Google’s brand name for many of the company’s digital services. It’s even the name of their app store, dubbed the Google Play Store. However, you might not be so familiar with the Google Play Services software, which represents a tool used by Android devices to update software and applications. Without Google Play Services, the entire balance of the operating system would simply crumble. It sounds like a pretty important part of part of the OS, especially for something that mainly operates under the hood. While it might not be a spotlight piece, it’s definitely important.

Updating Google Play Services

Updating Google Play Services isn’t any different than updating any other service on your Android device.  You can have your phone update it automatically or you can download the APK file for the latest version and update the service manually. There’s nothing wrong with either version, and if you don’t have an internet connection on your mobile device, the second one surely comes in handy because you can copy the APK over from your computer for example.

Other Google Play Services duties and roles

The service isn’t just responsible for updating your applications. It is also the service used for your Google authentication. This means that without it you might have trouble getting into your Google account or getting a response out of it.

It is also responsible for synchronizing your contact lists, which is really important especially for those with a lot of contacts across multiple storage units like local SIM or cloud. If you have a lot of people in your contacts, it can get tricky to keep track of all of them and without Google Play Services, it would become pretty much impossible.

Your privacy settings are also tied to Google Play Services. It’s what allows you to have access to the newest settings and privacy related options in your phone and related to your Google account. Privacy is very important and without Google Play Services you just couldn’t manage your phone’s security in the same manner.

All other apps depend on it

It was previously mentioned that Google Play Services is responsible for updating other apps. Well, it does more than that, as it also brings the performance and quality of apps to a whole new level.  Everything from Maps to playing games is better with an up to date Google Play Services because it enhances all these other apps considerably.

Whenever there is a new version of Google Play Services available, you should set a couple of minutes aside to download and update the feature, to ensure the proper functioning and high quality content delivery of your Android device.

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