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[Download] WhatsApp Update with Live Location Feature


WhatsApp has officially announced a new feature which will allow users to share their location with their family and friends in real time. The feature was announced this week and it will be available for Android and iOS devices. This is possible by selecting a new option: Share Live Location inside the instant messaging app.

Share your Location with those you care about

The new feature available for WhatsApp users is encrypted end to end, meaning that the user is the one who decides with who the share their location and for how long. This is a measure in order to secure the privacy of the user.

According to the Facebook owned company, the feature will be available soon, in the following weeks. The company posted on its blog that the new feature will help the user allowing her/his family to know he/she is safe or help those meeting with friends by sharing his/her commute. Live Location will be an easy and secure new feature.

It seems that Facebook is interested in keeping the instant messaging platform always up to date.

WhatsApp: a leading messenger

Facebook’s WhatsApp messenger is one of the most popular freeware instant messaging platforms and it has evolved since its first release back in 2009.

The app uses Internet to perform vice or video calls, send messages, images, GIFs, documents, audio notes, files and location.

This year, Facebook has also introduced a free WhatsApp Business app for owners of small companies and the Enterprise Solution for big scale companies such as airlines or banks.

WhatsApp Business allows the owner separate his private live from the professional one. They can register with the company’s landline number and use the app simultaneously with regular WhatsApp on the same device.

Live Location Feature is one of the many new additions.

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