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Pokémon Go Cheating Apps Become a Problem for Niantic


Niantic has released a new Pokémon Go update which contained an anti-cheating measure preventing players from using spoofing apps. Unfortunately, despite the company’s efforts, an hour after the new update was released, cheaters managed to beat the protection and found a way around the roadblock. Soon afterwards, Niantic decided to disable the new feature.

A lost battle for Niantic?

According to The Silph Road, member of the Pokémon Go community, a famous spoofer used programs to fake his GPS location. The feature created by the spoofer allows cheaters to move around the in-game map without even leaving the house.

The Silph Road declared that a software was detected which can interfere with the game’s operation mode on the user’s device. This means that the anti-cheating measure cannot stop cheaters from falsifying their location. This is of course a violation of Niantic’s Terms of Service. If found out, the player can lose his/her account, resulting in the users uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it again to continue gameplay.

An aggressive maneuver used for cheating

The new pop-up is an aggressive maneuver used by cheaters was handled by Niantic previously. The developers managed to reprimand those who did not follow the rules. There were even players hiding rare Pokémon creatures from their game.

According to The Silph Road members, the workaround created by cheaters appeared 20 minutes after the release of the anti-cheat block. Spoofers found pretty fast that Niantic disabled the app blacklist and they did not need to use the workaround.

Some users suggest that those who cheat should be banned permanently from the game and they do not understand why Niantic does give harsher punishments.

Most likely Niantic will soon release a statement.b

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