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[Download] WhatsApp Business Live from Google Play Store with Migration Features and More


WhatsApp will have its own part in businesses, as it launches a new version which is dedicated to them. It’s called WhatsApp Business and will help with the communication between customers and businesses. The app will have a lot of features dedicated to business owners that will be able to see how often is the customer interaction with them or if their texts are popular or not.

The businesses account will be easy to manage along with a personal account by the same user.

For those who want to have WhatsApp Business app, they can visit Google Play Store but before getting the app, users must be accepted in a private beta. In order to get accepted in the private beta, users must take a survey and wait for the accept. They can also get the APK file for WhatsApp Business but only if they have been accepted in the private beta program.

WhatsApp Business, owned by Facebook, allows users to migrate their phone number for their business to the app, so users will be able to do this in three techniques:

  1. You can install WhatsApp Business on the phone that has the personal WhatsApp account and use the business number instead of the personal one.
  2. You can use two different mobile devices to separately access both accounts.
  3. You can add a landline number on the WhatsApp Business App and have the app on the same phone as the personal WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp Business will let users to choose from different categories the one that matches their business: clothing & apparel, entertainment, finance & banking, public & government service and a lot more.

The app has also a great feature, called ‘Away Messages’, that will leave messages to your customers when you are ‘closed’ or when it’s not a working them. These messages can be scheduled ahead and they will roll out as an automated reply when you cannot reply.

WhatsApp Business will verify if the business is not an impostor so customers will see a tick mark to show users that the business is verified.

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