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[Download] 1Password Extension on Microsoft Edge


Have you ever wanted to log into an old account but you keep forgetting the password? Until now you could have used an extension on Microsoft Edge, called LastPass, that would have managed your passwords. And now you can try 1Password if you’re looking for an alternative or if you’ve been waiting for the moment this extension got to Microsoft Edge too.

The 1Password Extension is now available after it was in beta tests for a year for Insiders. Last year AgileBits – the developers behind 1Password, announced that they will release an official 1Password extension for Microsoft Edge. After it was approved on 3 October by Redmond, the extension appeared in Microsoft Store a few days later. Until it was finally launched, AgileBits kept updating their users with the stage of their work for the Edge version.

1Password for Microsoft Edge Will Save You a Lot of Time

This extension is available on other browsers and you’ll see it in Microsoft Edge as an icon in the top right part of the browser. 1Password will save you passwords that already exist, information such as credit card will be auto-fillable when the case requires it to. The password generator will create strong passwords for you and the extension will also provide you as many complex and one-of-a-kind passwords you need to use in all apps, websites and services.

You will save a whole lot more time with one click to introduce all your credit information, passwords and identities and you won’t have to memorize all of it.

With so many devices you have and that work with Microsoft Edge or other browsers, an auto-filler for personal data and passwords is a great idea.

If you want to get the 1Password extension for Microsoft Edge then you will have to install 1Password for Windows 6.7+ first.

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