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[Download] Viber Update with New Features that Make Group Chats Easier to Use


When it comes to chat apps, private messaging is very important, but sometimes you need to plan something and talk to several people at once. That is when group chats come into picture. In the last years they have become increasingly popular since they are ideal for school, work, or just planning a fun event with your friends. Therefore, most applications have focused on group chats features and they have tried to make them as accessible as possible. That is what Viber did recently as well. The app released a new update that focuses on group conversations. The recent update comes with replies for specific messages, broadcast messages and the ability to pin messages in the group.

Broadcast function

Technically, this is not a group chat feature, but something that merges one-on-one messages with group conversations. More exactly, this new feature allows you to send the same private message to more persons at once. Create a broadcast list and send a message and each person on the list will get your message in private. However, in order to do that your number should be saved by those persons in their address book.

Reply to certain messages

When it comes to group chats conversations move fast and it may be hard to keep up. Therefore, by the time you write a reply for someone, their message might be already buried in other new messages. But with this new function you will be able to reply to specific messages by long pressing the message and tapping reply.

Pin messages

This one is just for group admins. The feature allows you to make an announcement that will remain visible in the group chat. Pinning a messages will make it appear at the top of the screen, in a purple banner.

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