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[Download] Big GTA Online Update Soon with Transform Races


The news about transform races has appeared a while ago and the entire GTA community was buzzing with excitement. Now it appears that the wait is almost over and players will soon receive the awaited update. On GTA Online.

For those who do not know yet, Rockstar will bring a new type of race, that will change completely the racing system. Players will be able to change vehicles during a race, and by this we mean that they can change between different types as vehicles. For example, you can switch from racing on the ground in a car to jumping on a boat and racing on water. This means that the new Transform races will allow you to race on water, in the air or simply on the ground, and you will go from one to another. This means that you will also change your mode of transportation and you will have aircraft, water vehicles and land vehicles.

New vehicles

While Transform races might be the most important thing about the new update, it is not the only one. Players should also expect new vehicles in GTA Online. There will be some new powerful cars such as “Coil Cyclone”, “Vigilante”, and “Hunter”. When it comes to “Vigilante” you should expect a dangerous car that is weaponized, while the “Coil Cyclone” is classier and you could call it a supercar.”

Two new adversary modes

Rockstar Games will also release two new modes: Dogfight and Condemned. Dogfight will take you in the air and you will have to “send the opposition spiraling to their doom.” Meanwhile Condemned is a bit like playing tag. You will have a death sentence and you must pass it to another player before time is up.

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