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Minecraft PE: Giving Way To Better Together Version



What is Minecraft PE?

Have you ever found yourself on the bus, train, boat, or plane lost somewhere between the time it takes to traverse the distance of your destination. Boredom could strike anytime and has a few remedies if you are limited to confines of your vehicle. Luckily, Minecraft was created. The Minecraft pocket edition is the mobile version of the beloved sandbox game that gave the opportunity to millions of creative minds to express entire worlds – dictated only by their imaginations.

Why would want to Play on a smaller screen?

The obvious disadvantage when playing Minecraft on a mobile device would be the smaller screen you have to contend with. Compared to the other versions of the Minecraft game, controlling movement and actions using a touchscreen could take some time getting used to, but once you are proficient with it, players have reportedly found it easier to play minecraft with their mobile devices.

How to Download Minecraft PE?

Download Minecraft PE through your IOS or Android device by going to their respective app stores and searching Minecraft – Apple store for the IOS and Google Playstore for Android.

What are the Recent Updates on Minecraft PE?

The most significant update for Minecraft PE is Window’s new version of Minecraft that aims to connect all players from the different available platforms. The Better Together Minecraft update is an ongoing move by Microsoft to slowly integrate all of the Minecraft users. This update brings to Minecraft PE users a lot of new things that have actually long existed on the other platforms.

The PE edition’s last update will be the Better Together update wherein all updates of this version will not only affect the mobile Minecraft users but will also affect the PC users and later on all platforms that take up the Better Together version in full.

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