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[Download] Telegram New Update – Live Location Update, Improved Audio Player and More


Telegram is a messaging service that is beginning to become more and more popular. The app comes with many useful features that are not offered by any other messengers. Besides the regular functions, Telegram also allows you to destruct your messages, synchronize your devices, create group chats that have up to 20000 members and many other interesting options. Additionally, Telegram is considered one of the safest chat applications out there.

Recently, Telegram released a new update that brings even more features to this messaging service. Users will now be able to share live locations updates, translate screenshots and more.

Location feature

While other applications allow you to share your location as well, you are not able to share it in real time. However, the new Telegram update will allow you to share your location for 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours and during that time your location will be updated so that the other person can see exactly where you are. You can share these locations to an individual chat or a group.

Improved group chats

The update also comes with some improvements for the group chats. For example, admins will be able to decide if the new members of a group will be able to see the previous chats or not. Additionally, group admins will receive a badge so that the other members can identify them easily.

New languages

Telegrams now have more support for Russian, Ukrainian, Indonesian, French and Malay, and even more languages should follow in the upcoming update, including Persian. One important thing to note is that translations are so well done that you can take a screenshot that contains a translated text and then go in and change any word after the screenshots are translated and taken.

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