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Google Pixel and Nexus Receive Device Health Services App in the Play Store


At the hardware event that took place on October 4, Google had a new app to upload for Pixel phones. That app is called the ‘Pixel Ambient Services’ that will deal with recognizing music. Now, if you take a look in the Play Store, you will find a battery app that is available for Nexus and for Pixel devices.

The update started rolling out on October 11 to users that have Google devices and it also got to Nexus owners. Some Nexus 5 owners claim that this app is not working on their devices, though.

This battery app will predict the amount of time your battery will last, based on how much you use the device. This feature is called ‘Personalized battery usage estimates’.

This app is running on Google Pixel Oreo and before it received the update, it was the version 8.0.0. After the update, it went to 1.0.2.

Release Notes for the Battery App – Device Health Services

The release notes in the Play Store contain information on improvements regarding model and the infrastructure, more models and some bug fixes.

Looking at the user interface, there is no change in the newer version. If you are one of the users that have an older device, then don’t worry, the update didn’t reach to your device yet and it will not show the updated battery information. You will only see what information was in the older version of the battery app: how to change stuff around for a better accuracy in battery life estimates.

The Play Store has been continuously updated to provide features for Android and so, Google didn’t need to do a complete system update for Android OS. Another app that was launched on Google Play Store is Carrier Services, an app that helps carrier services to provide their services through an improved network capability.

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