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[Download] Skype on Linux with Fresh and Clean Design


Finally, Skype on Linux gets some attention from Microsoft and after Windows and macOS received a new version of Skype, it’s time Linux will get some love too.

The change happened after a couple of beta versions that created a little confusion among users who received the second beta and still had the previous one. To fix the whole confusion Skype streamed both beta versions into a new version that would replace the old one.

Check Out the Dark Theme and the New Emojis in the Chat

The design looks great, it’s fresh and has a modern and clean look, also featuring a dark theme. There are also some new screen sharing options and more emojis.

In order to get the new Skype version on Linux you’ll have to become a Skype Insider. In order to do so, go check the official skype website, more exactly at the Skype Insider page: There you can download the app for Linux and get started.

The new Skype for Linux has been announced by the developers and they said that it’s not in its final form and they need some feedback from their users. They call it Skype Preview and they want to show the newest features that focus on chat, video and group calls, and also real time screen sharing and photo sharing.

So far, since Microsoft bought Skype for $8.5 billion, Skype underwent a lot of changes regarding style, design, architecture, becoming a modern app that can connect to different other messaging services or even replacing some of them. We’ll just have to wait and see what’s in store for Skype, as Microsoft keeps on improving the app for a lot of platforms. The Microsoft dream for Skype is big enough, aiming to introduce cloud technology in order to increase their audience and also have a reliable platform.

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