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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is Here to Compete With iPad and iPad Pro Tablets


The Korean Company has released their newest tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and comes in a fashionable design, with a slim figure, amazing specs and a stylus. It is compatible with a keyboard case for when you want to take productivity on the road. All of these options will leave a big hole in your pocket, reaching a similar price to a mainstream laptop.

The box holds the tablet, the S-Pen, a big quick charger, a USB type C cable, 5 additional stylus nibs and a nib removal tool. The tablet comes in two variations: grey or black. As for how it feels and looks, the construction quality is premium, it’s a lightweight tablet that you can hold with one hand. A small inconvenience is that the tablet is so slim that it cannot hold the S-Pen and you’ll have to place it somewhere else and hope you don’t lose it.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Specs and Features

The tablet has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SoC, with 4 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage. It comes with a 4G SIM slot that will allow you to make voice calls. The screen is Super AMOLED and will display HDR videos at high resolutions.

It has a 6000mAh battery that will let you take advantage of other important features such as camera power: the rear camera sensor has 13 MP and the front one 5 MP. The tablet comes with Wi-Fi ac, and Bluetooth connectivity.

The OS is Android 7.0 that has a custom Samsung UI over it, similar to any other Galaxy phone/tablet.

The stylus doesn’t need to be charged and it’s the only Pen that will work with this tablet, as it cannot be replaced by a third party device. You can use the pen instead of your fingertip and there are a lot of shortcuts built around the S-Pen to make your life easier.

There are also a lot of tools like Samsung Notes, Smart Select, Screen Write and more that will let you type or draw on pages, embed photos and more.

The Galaxy Tab S3 comes with a great multitasking feature that will allow you to slide a bar between two apps and let one occupy a part of the screen and the other one the remaining space.

There are many other apps that come with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, and some of them are the standard ones that we’ve been used to. The Galaxy Tab S3 has a file manager that will manage the tablet’s productivity. You’ll keep your data safe with Secure Folder, and run apps in second instances.

Performance: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

When we tested the HDR screen with several series, we saw vivid colors and nice contrast. The brightness, the text and everything was fine from all angles except small shifts in color tone.

The stylus is a fun and useful device that can be used all the time as it is a great replacement for your fingertip. But there’s an issue with it, because a lot of apps respond to both pen and fingertip so if you’re using the pen and then you rest your hand on the screen, you’ll make a mark when you touch the screen with your fingertip.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 scored 138,828 points in AnTuTu, 3,934 in GeekBench’s multi-core test, and 128 in WebXprt, we saw 2,518 points in 3DMark Sling Shot Extreme but we only got 13fps in the GFXBench’s high-end Car Chase test.

The camera is not something to get overly excited as it won’t take pictures with a lot of detail and texture and if you’re recording in 4K in the 10-minute limit, a spot at the back of the tablet will get a little hot.

In normal use, with three hours per day of browsing stuff and playing around with the stylus, the tablet didn’t need to get charged for three to four days.

As a conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is a great light tablet to carry with you, good for work and also entertaining. It costs less than an iPad Pro but if you spend some money on the keyboard case, it will cost similar to a Windows laptop that has a similar performance. The stylus is the difference that will set the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 in the front, if users find the S-Pen more useful than other features from different devices.

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