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Firefox Privacy Notice Updated to a More Understandable Privacy Policy


Mozilla has announced an updated Firefox Privacy Notice so that users have a better understanding on what data Mozilla will collect and why they do so.

The new Firefox Privacy Notice also aims at ensuring their users that they see these policies. So in the new installations, users will see a tab containing the Privacy Notice. The document has a different layout and is easier to access. It’s easy to navigate and now users can understand what Mozilla is trying to do when they collect data on features and aspects from their browser. It’s also possible to reduce the data users want to share.

The Privacy Notice Has a Different and More Transparent Design

Denelle Dixon pointed out some of the important changes in the Privacy Notice such as a different design. This will let users see what Mozilla Firefox collects, the reason it collects data, the choices users can have regarding data collection and a place where they can find out more.

For example, through data collection, Firefox can improve performance and stability to all users. To do so, Firefox will send data about several interactions with Firefox to Mozilla. These interactions can be the number of open tabs or windows, number of webpages visited, numbers and types of add-ons for Firefox, session length. Other data that will be sent will focus on Firefox language and version, information about crashes or errors, hardware configuration, memory and so on.

The Mozilla team also added the previously separate privacy notice on cloud features such as Sync inside the Firefox Privacy Notice in order to eliminate any confusion. The user will also have direct links to user preferences in order to easily access or change the privacy controls.

As a conclusion, Mozilla working on updating their Firefox Privacy Notice is good news especially since the new Firefox Quantum is on its way to further improve user experience.

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