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[Download] Oculus VR Newest Iteration of the VR Experience


Virtual reality technology is still being worked on and perfected, being a very long way from actually reaching its maximum potential. With that being said, virtual reality developers and manufacturers continue to make efforts to perfect their craft and to provide the user base with great new, quality content. An example of this would be the release of the new update for Oculus VR. This update is great because it makes the service run a lot smoother.

A virtual world

We live in a world where people are trying their hardest not to be themselves or to be in the places where they currently are. As a result, virtual reality tech is thriving right now. Ultimately this all means that as a result, virtual reality software is also seeing a lot more attention. The latest release of the version for Oculus VR stands proof to that statement and gives users yet another reason to try out VR.

Better performance and working towards more efficient functionality

Like the previous updates, the new update focuses on improving the overall quality of life of the software. What this means is that you probably won’t see any new extremely flashy features. Most of the work has been done under the hood but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t very important.  Thanks to the newest update, more users will be able to experience the Oculus VR experience at the highest level and enjoy themselves a lot more because of it.

Virtual reality opportunities

If you haven’t tried out virtual reality hardware or software yet, you should know that there is huge potential within this technology which is already being put to an extremely good use. Aside from all the cheap jump scare horror games for VR that are being developed, the technology is also amazing for developing architecture in real 3D space. Architects will soon be able to build digitally around them in an augmented reality environment. This will allow them for the first time to actually see and test the inside of a construction before it is even built.

The most popular use of VR so far, aside from all the aforementioned video games, must be the introduction of Google Maps VR. As you can probably imagine based on the name of this app, Google has taken Maps to the next level and is now available in virtual reality. You can now walk the streets of your favorite urban location on the planet as if you were there. More than that, you can also fly above important landmarks like the Grand Canyon.

You can easily install this latest update. If you don’t have a stable internet connection on your phone, you can always download the APK file and install it manually on your phone by copying iy to local memory then tapping on the icon it produces.

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