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Export Google Chrome Bookmarks You Can Easily Do


You might have wondered how to export bookmarks from your Google Chrome browser. Well, it is easy because you can do it by downloading it as a file. However, you can only do it from your desktop version only. So, if you have bookmarked pages from your mobile device, you can sync it over to your account and export it to your desktop version.

  • Open the browser by clicking the icon from your desktop. You might not see the bookmarked items, so you need to login to your account in order to display them.
  • Click the browser menu on the upper-right corner of the browser, which is represented by 3 dots lined up from top to bottom.
  • A dropdown menu will show, so you need to choose Bookmarks from the list. A new menu popup will show to the left, as it opens the Bookmark Manager. This would allow you to manage and organize your bookmarks.

You can also go directly to the Bookmark Manager by pressing Option + Command + B on your Mac. If you are using your PC, you just press Ctrl + Shift + O.

  • Click the Organize button, which is located at the top center of the screen. This is just below the Search bar and next to it is a tiny black triangle.
  • Choose Export bookmarks to HTML file, in which you will be prompted a location to save the file.
  • You also need to select a name and location to put your bookmarks file. A popup window will appear to confirm where you need to save your file.
  • Click Save in order to save your bookmarks file, which should be downloaded immediately.

The default file location after saving your bookmarks will be at the Bookmarks folder with the corresponding date. Likewise, the default file location for Google Chrome is at the folder installed by Chrome named Download.

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  1. Kerry Bright says

    Great timing! I was able to use this to export my bookmarks and import into Bookmark OS

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