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Flash Player Crashing In Google Chrome And How To Fix It


By default, Google has disabled Flash Player in Chrome. Users will be prompted to enable it when visiting a website without HTML5 alternative to Flash. In the new update, users will be able to disable Flash Player as well.

However, enabling it each time should cause inconvenience to those who want to use Flash Player. It can be recalled that several security vulnerabilities have been reported due to the use of Flash exploits.

Google stated that HTML5 is faster and lighter than Flash Player, in which publishers are looking to transfer in order to speed up the loading and saving of Web pages to enhance the battery life.

If you continue to use Flash in Google Chrome, you might experience crashing, but you can try and fix it. Since Chrome has its own version of Flash, it would update to the latest version when you update the browser.

Check if there are available updates for Google Chrome. Simply click on the Menu button at the upper-right corner of the browser screen. Then, click Help > About Google Chrome. This will open a new tab in Chrome, which will check updates and will download an update if it requires one. A button to relaunch Chrome will show, so you have to click it in order to complete the update.

If the problem still exists, you have to disable extensions. Begin by typing about:extensions at the address bar in which you would see the plugins installed on your computer. You can select one or all, and check to see if the problem has been fixed. At some point, unrelated extensions would cause Shockwave to crash.

However, if the Flash Player crashing problem persists and you are not ready to transfer to another browser, then you have to update your drivers. Sometimes, the trouble is with outdated drivers. You can begin by checking the graphics card drivers if they are up-to-date or not. Then, you can update if they require so.

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