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[Download] Google Play Store Version 8.2.56 With Newest Security Improvements


Google Play Store has been getting some love and attention after they’ve had problems with some hacked apps that passed by security. So the team has been constantly updating their app in order to keep security safeguards and fix some bugs here and there.

Regular Updates Keep Hacked Apps at Bay

The previous update was done over last weekend and now we have another update, only a few days after the last one. Play Store app has had a lot of updates, the teams regularly updating it, but now more than ever, they update it a lot faster than ever.

Looking at the size of the update, it doesn’t seem to have much content, as it weighs only 18.27MB. So users will not see much related to UI modifications or content, and we’re thinking that this update is focusing on keeping the users safe.

The official update hasn’t been released but if you’re eager to get it, you can get the Play Store v8.2.56 APK from the following link:

You Can Get the APK File or Wait for the Official Update

However it is advised that you should wait for the official update as it will automatically roll and you won’t need to download the APK file and install it. This is the most comfortable solution, but if you want to get it sooner, you can download the Play Store APK file and install it. The installed version will allow your Play Store app to automatically receive any future official updates.

There aren’t any other details regarding the latest Play Store update, at least not now as there are no release notes available for it. If there’s anything new regarding the Play Store Version 8.2.56 be sure to check us out for later updates and get new information as soon as we get it.

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