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Android 8 Update Feature Brings More Color and New Changes


It’s time we looked at the new Android 8.0 Oreo and praise one of the features that haven’t received much attention. We’re talking about an interesting feature that will allow you to do some customization. And who doesn’t love that? The newest Android OS is out there on a lot of smartphones and is bound to appear on many others over the next weeks and months, depending on the manufacturers.

The Most Colorful Feature

Google will have automatic color selections for media apps and their notifications. All developers are allowed to use this customization as long as they follow a rule. The rule is that you can go and set or enable a color for a notification (from Android 8.0 – API level 26). But this option will be used for tasks that require a high priority like an ongoing call, navigation and other important events that happen on the phone for the user.

But the most interesting feature is seen in Google’s apps and other future apps that they’ll develop in the future. So we’ll see media with an icon and if the icon is defined, it will receive the color based on an algorithm custom made from Google – the algorithm will follow the most used color from that image and it will render it in the background in order to highlight the notification.

Users will be delighted especially when they’ll use Google Music as it will change color every time the icon from album changes and the colors change too.

There have been some issues regarding combinations of colors in some media apps in the notifications panel and it produced some chaos but Google settled on a set of colors that would work within reason and the problem was finally fixed.

In the end this feature seems to bring to life a lot of phones with a nice pallet of colors.

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