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[Download] Google Play Store v8.4 With Audiobooks, Show Notifications on Apps & Games


Play Store rolled out a new version, and if you’ve already checked it out, you probably didn’t notice any changes.

But looking at the APK file’s teardown, there are several clues according to which we will see audiobooks for sale, some new notifications for apps or games and more.

Before we get a better look at the strings in the APK file, you must know that teardowns based on APK file do not guarantee that the features we’ve discovered are going to be live or that they will not be changed. Based on the evidence the APK file provides, we can speculate on what there will be live, but it is not certain whether they will exist or not. Unless we specify that the feature has been officially announced, do not expect to see them when you install the file.


This is a new category added to go to sale in a future version of Play Store. When you will look for an ebook and it shows a label pointing to a different format, you will see that you can get an audiobook counterpart.

Notifications: Apps & Games

These are not system notifications. The action bar will have a new button that will show you important notifications about apps & games. What these notifications will look like – will they show you change logs of your favorite games or apps or messages from developers on offers, beta tests and so on? We will have to see in future versions.

Auto-Update for System Apps Only

Google gave users an option to update only system apps, so that they can manually update third part apps when they see it fit.

No More ‘Wait for Wi-Fi’

This feature is going away and when users will start downloading, they will use whatever network you got your device connected to.

Deal of the Day

There will be a new promotion, called ‘Deal of the Day’, showing us a new style of layout in the teardown.

You can download Play Store v. 8.4.18 APK file (signed by Google and guaranteed to not have been tampered with) from and install it similar to how you install other APKs.

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