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Fix: WhatsApp Web Not Working Error Issue


WhatsApp Web was released a couple of years ago with the sole purpose of extending the app’s cross-platform performance. WhatsApp Web is not an app, its an extension of the messenger which enables people to use the same WhatsApp account on both their smartphones and computers. Although, the extension is plagued by an annoying error that makes the extension completely unusable.

WhatsApp Webb Not Working Error

There are many users who keep complaining that WhatsApp doesn’t work on their computers. This issue is mainly caused by a bad internet connection and it can be fixed through two simple methods. Without any further ado, here is how users can get rid of the “WhatsApp Webb Not Working Error”.

Mobile Internet Connection

In most of the cases where WhatsApp Web doesn’t work properly, the issue is directly related to a faulty mobile internet connection. In order to check if the internet connection is working as intended, WhatsApp users can try to send a message or attachment to one of their contacts and see if it delivers. If the message is not sent instantly, then it means that the mobile internet connection is faulty.

The best advice we can give smartphone owners who are faced with this issue is to turn their Wi-Fi connection off and then hit the “Forget” button. After doing this, reconnect the smartphone once again. Another method of enabling and disabling the Wi-Fi connection is to turn the flight mode on and off.

Clear Cookies

Many people tend to overlook the fact that cookies can cause the browser to malfunction. Luckily, these cookies can be cleared. Just open the up the browser, access the WhatsApp Web page and click on the “Secure” label that’s placed in front of the URL. After this is done, a bunch of options will pop up and one of them is “Cookies”, select that option and then click on “Remove”.

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