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Best Google Earth Tips and Tricks to Try Exploring


The last major redesign of Google Earth has been released this spring and it brought back memories from 2001, when it launched for the first time. The update surely livened up the whole user experience, introducing 3D imagery, video content and more features that will thrill you once you know how they work. Perhaps browsing the whole Earth from your own room will make you even want to go on a trip to see the world by yourself.

Let’s see the new five things that you should try in Google Earth, either you use it in Chrome – the desktop version or on Android on mobile phones.

Explore Maps in 3D

The new release brings not only a few buildings in 3D mode, like the early one, but the whole world can be seen in 3D! Click on the 2D/3D button in the bottom-right button and check out the location you’re browsing in both versions.

David Attenborough Narrations

Who doesn’t love the way David Attenborough narrates? Google Earth will provide you narrations brought by BBC Earth in which Attenborough will narrate in short videos about certain ‘Epic Hunts Caught on Camera’. There is also a primatologist, Jane Goodall that will tell you about chimpanzees if you travel to the places they live, or you might like marine biology and go for some underwater trips with Dr. Sylvia Earle’s guidance.

The Ernest Hemingway Hangouts

Explore the places where Ernest Hemingway went to write his most influential works. Go to the ‘Voyage’ tab and choose several trips, like this one or you could go to the Galapagos islands, UNESCO World Heritage sites, Kenya’s Samburu National Reserve and more.

Visit Lost Civilizations

Google Earth will let you find out the most important relics of ancient worlds, and the architecture of forgotten lands. Go to the ‘Voyage’ tab and look for ‘History’. There, you will find ‘Lost Civilizations from Above’.

The ‘Feeling Lucky’ Feature

It’s the same button from the Google search engine that Google Earth will take you to a surprise location.

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