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[Download] Google Play Store Update Available with Software Changes


The teams working for Google don’t seem to even take a break! They keep on working on Play Store, fixing any issue, from bugs to improvements. Last time we covered an article on a recent update, the Google Play Store version 8.2.38 and then there was version 8.2.40 and we now see the latest and most significant update: 8.2.55. Even though Google launched so many updates in such short time span, it seems that tis last version is very important.

Wait for the Official Update or Download the APK for Google Play Store Version 8.2.55

You can find the link to download Play Store APK – the latest version 8.2.55 at this following link:

This latest version came at a day after the earlier release and it made us wonder what was so wrong with the previous one that it had to be immediately replaced. There might have been some bugs or security issues but there are no release notes or any other official information from Google and we can only speculate.

If you like to stay updated to the latest information on Google Play Store, you should keep an eye to the latest versions and get them, because they are the solution to different problems you might encounter when accessing the program.

A recent update focused on UI changes such as navigation bars at the bottom and many other features.

It’s recommended that your phone is updated to the last version of software and that they are officially released. You can get the PK file from websites or you can wait for the official updates.

If you want to download the APK for the latest Google Play Store, version 8.2.55 then by all means go ahead and get it and start installing it just like other APK files. Installing it will not prevent getting other updates from Google.

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