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[Download] Google Earth Update with New VR Features


Google Earth has introduced a new update which focuses on adding new VR features to their software.

You already can use Google Earth and VR in order to visit a lot of place from home. In a blog post, the Product Manager from Google Earth, Joanna Kim mentioned that you can take a stroll in Venice or be on top of the Mount Kilimanjaro and even fly in the sky with the VR option.

What Else is New With VR for Google Earth?

Google Earth has received the ‘Street View’ mode from Google Maps into their soft. You’ll be able to see a panoramic 360 degree of a view on different locations on most streets.

And we’re talking about a worldwide Street View options in virtual reality! Well… it’s almost worldwide, as there are only 85 countries in which you can virtually walk and do more things, depending on what you’re looking for. This update is available to all users that have a virtual reality headset, be it HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. If there are people who don’t have virtual reality headsets, they can download the Street View mobile phone app for either ‘Daydream’ feature or ‘Cardboard’ feature.

VR Options are Handy in Businesses, Trip Planning, and Education

A few of interesting places to ‘visit’ would be the setting of Game of Thrones, the AT&T Park in San Francisco, or you could plan a trip by seeing some of the spots that you’ve been recommended and decide what to visit when you go there in real life.

This is a very important option, allowing enthusiasts visit places they can’t go to, or for educational purposes, allowing children to see important spots on the globe and helping them understand and discover more.

VR Google Earth lets you experience the world and, why not, it will also let you decide to go to your favorite places and see them in real life.

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