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Samsung Galaxy A5 Gets Exynos 7885 and Other Interesting Specs


In September, among a Geekbench, there was spotted a device that had the model number SM-A530F and a lot of those who keep an eye on industry were thinking that it could be the 2018 Galaxy A5, known as SM-A520F.

The phone might come with an Exynos 7885 that’s been rumored to power some of the Galaxy A – 2018 models. The Exynos 7885 will come in octa-cores with a clocking that reaches 1.59GHz. This will make it a mid-range chip, being efficient comparable with other better Exynos versions (such as Exynos 8895).

The 2018 Samsung Galaxy A5 Comes With 4 GB RAM, Fingerprint Sensor and 32 GB Internal Storage

Another detail seen on benchmarking results shows that Samsung Galaxy A5 will come with 4 GB RAM. As for the operating system, Samsung Galaxy A5 will come with Android 7.1.1. It will get a 32 GB internal storage and might also get a dual camera system. Other specs such as the fingerprint sensor and water resistant components are likely to appear in the Samsung Galaxy A5.

Until now there have been rumors according to which Samsung will launch their Infinity Displays by introducing mid-range phones, such as the Galaxy A mobile line. We don’t know how soon this will be next year, but the beginning of 2018 is a likely guess. The phone is addressed to people from the Western countries, as other Samsung Galaxy A phones used to be. The other Samsung Galaxy A phones, besides the one revealed in the benchmark, will be seen in 2018 too and they are Samsung Galaxy A3 and Samsung Galaxy A7.

Since there isn’t much time until 2018 we are sure going to hear more rumors and even some official announcements regarding other specs and features in the new Samsung Galaxy A smartphones.

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