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[Download] Google Play Services 11.5.30 Update with New Fixes


Google is determined to improve all its products. Recently it has released Android 8.0 Oreo, the latest OS version and it has also released new updates for Google Photos and Play Store. Now it was the turn of Google Play Services. The tech giant released version 11.5.30, but it may not be available everywhere right now. If your part of the world has not received the update yet, be patient, since it should reach your region very soon.

Google Play Services is essential for your device

If you were wondering why the Google Play Services update is important, you should know that this is a background service that makes sure that all your other Google apps will work smoothly. Therefore, it is an essential Android API. This is especially important for your games since takes care of your auto log-ins and your scores. It also handles the leaderboards when it comes to multi-player games and the cache data of your browser. You should take the upgrade seriously, even if Google Play Services are not a regular app, you still use it even without knowing.

Don’t forget to update Google Play Services

This new version will fix many bugs and it also comes with some new improvements that should enhance the quality of this background service. You don’t want to miss this update since it can boost the performance of your device and your apps. Play Store should announce you that a new update is available, but if it doesn’t, you can download the APK yourself as well. Additionally, make sure that you also have the last versions for Google Photos and Play Store in order to be up to date with everything.

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