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[Download] Google Maps 9.63 Update with Stable Features


This week we’ve seen a new Google Maps update that brought in some interesting changes. There is also a feature – Commuting – that will go live in several days as it probably isn’t yet fully functional.

At the beginning when Beta Version 9.63 was launched Commuting was live but it was soon taken off. We’re thinking that maybe it’s gone for now because it was planned for a future update or that it wasn’t entirely functional and was taken off in order to be fixed. Either way we know it’s going to come sooner or later in Google Maps.

Google Maps has a New Notification Channel

This new channel is called Timeline notifications, and is a bit confusing since it has the same name as an older channel that you can find below, in the Notifications list.

There are other features that you’ll encounter in our article below that are founded on the APK version of Google Maps so you’ll encounter teardowns that will probably be like rumors and features that are not live yet or may no longer be live in the future.

One of the features that may be in the new version is that users will be able to get bonus points if they provide more photos, reviews and other things that would take more time.

There are also some badges to come for those who write reviews. Right now the only badge you can get is as a ‘Local Guide’. In the future we may find other new badges and we know this from the new app text from Google Maps Beta Version 9.63 APK file.

Another detail that isn’t yet live is that in the future you’ll see a follower count on your shared lists.

You can get the APK signed by Google and upgrade you own app or if you’re patient enough you can wait for a few days for Google to push their update to you devices.

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