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[Download] Google Maps Update for iOS and Measure Distance


Google Maps for iOS is a bit different that Google Maps for Android, in case you didn’t guess that already. And although the conspiracy theory is that Google made Maps for iOS less functional to punish Apple for daring to rival them with Apple Maps, a flaming failure of a navigation app, the truth at hand here is that iOS and Android are two essentially different platforms. Their differences range from features to layout and back, so it’s normal for Google Maps to look a bit different on iOS.

This brings us to today’s topic, namely how to measure distances on Google Maps for iOS. The feature is still there, but it’s a bit more hidden (maybe for aesthetic reasons or maybe it’s deeper than that, we’ll never know). Here is how to measure distances in Google Maps for iOS made easy.

Put a Pin in It

The way to measure distance in Google Maps for iOS is simple: just put a pin in it. No, not figuratively, literally put a pin in it. Just place a pin on the map, and you will see a bunch of options being displayed to you. One of them is the Measure Distance option you so frantically sought until now. So now all you have to do is place the other pin on the place to which you want to measure your distance and voila, Google Maps does the rest for you.

Calculate More than One Distance

You can also calculate the distance for multiple destinations starting from the same point. Just select the Add Point option to add another destination onto Google Maps and calculate the distance there. So, now that you know how to measure distances in Google Maps for iOS, go put this new skill to good use.

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