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[Download] Clash Royale New Mode Inspired by Football


Clash Royale has conquered to world of mobile gaming, and it’s easy to understand its success, since the developers try to bring new things constantly. The game is based on a simple concept, but it has brought some interesting additions. Now, Clash Royale players are expecting a new mode.

A Clash Royale livestream introduced the new game mode

If you missed the last Clash Royale livestream here’s what you should know: the game will bring a new mode named Touchdown. As the name suggests, this game is inspired by football, and you will use those rules in the matches. The players will be divided into two teams and you will get a crown if you get your troops in the endzone of your enemies and score a touchdown.


In the livestream we also noticed that the battle will take place on a football field, with some bleachers on the side. You can even see some game characters watching the game and each touchdown will be celebrated with some small fireworks. The troops on the side will also cheer on your team constantly. Touchdown mode should attract many sport fans and it is a great addition to the game. The livestream also came with some promotional pictures that showed Clash Royale characters wearing football apparel.


The game will last two minutes, just like any normal game, and the elixir will double in the last minute. Players will choose their cards manually, and there will be two options at a time. You will have almost a minute to choose your cards, and the timer will be placed below the cards. As always, three crowns will make you win the game.

The Touchdown mode will be released this month, with the new Clash of Clans update.

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