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What to do When your Google Play Store is Not Working


What are the ramifications of a Google Play Store that is not working?

The Google Play Store is central to any Android device, well at least for the average Android user. Since without this application, you will have to find a suitable replacement in order for you to add new applications to your device. This would be a viable work-around, but it will expose you and your device to a lot more danger than you need to. Installing the wrong app store repository could at the very least get your device broken from various malwares or at the worst you could have your vital information stolen.

If you do not have a working Google Play Store you will find yourself unable to update your installed applications on your device causing all sorts of problems. For one, an out-dated app could mean a vulnerable weak point that can be open doors for your mobile security.

To fix your Google Play Store, you can do a lot of things and here are some of the common fixes:

  1. The easiest thing to do, and this might also be the first thing you should do when your Google store is not working – Clear Your Google Play Store’s Cache.
  2. This second option is also a no brainer, which is to reset you Mobile Device. Restarting your mobile device clears all running scripts including those that might be causing the Play Store to stop working.
  3. If none of the two solutions work, then you can try updating your Google Play Store. Sometimes it could be an error from their Developers and a simple patch update could fix the problem.
  4. Or you could try the opposite which is to remove all upgrades from Play Store, bringing its configuration back to when your device first came out of the box.

There are a lot of things you can do to fix this problem. You can even reset your device to factory settings just to be sure and give you a fresh start. If you want to learn more about Google Play Store update, find out about it right now.


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