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[Download] Google Maps Update: Everyone Can Now Add Content to Street View


Google Maps have created an update that contains a new program: “Street View Ready”. Through this program users will be able to add content and contribute to the Google Maps database.

The photographs that are added will be used to create a 360-degree view, like the one that Google created with their camera Street View vehicles.

The Insta360 Pro is an 8K Camera that Shoots Five Frames Per Second

Google has created a camera, called the Insta360 Pro that is compatible with “Street View Ready”. The camera is capable of 8K and can capture a 360-degree landscape with shots that go at five frames per second. There is also a real-time image stabilization that is integrated inside the camera.

The owners of these cameras can control them from inside the Street View app, using Android or iOS. They can also upload images to Google Maps shot with the software called Insta360 Stitcher.

Google has introduced the five frames per second in 8K recently, in order to allow it to capture photographs for the Street View app.

The Camera has also a USB that will allow users to attach their Insta360 to GPS data and automatically record images.

While we are interested in seeing what new content will be in the Street-View mode with the new app, we’ll have to take into consideration that there might not be much content to add. If you’re wondering why, then this little detail will explain it for you: the camera is $3,499 so we don’t think that people will rush and buy it just so that they could add content to Street View Ready.

Looking at a user’s question, we are also wondering: who would spend that much money just to help Google? Is there any other way of looking at this new feature? What do you think?

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