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[Download] Google Earth Available Free with New Improvements


Google Earth has always been a fan favorite amongst the Google apps. Available on both PC and mobile, the app is just phenomenal for learning about the world and getting a new perspective on life and what this planet has to offer. While it might not be the flashiest piece in Google’s arsenal, it’s a shining jewel in many people’s computers and smartphones. Those that love spending time learning about the world through Google Earth should know that the latest version,, is now available for use.

What the new version offers

When updating an app, users usually go nuts over seeing new flashy features. However, there is way more to an app than that. Unfortunately for those that were hoping version brings something visually spectacular to the table, it doesn’t. Instead, it brings a lot of improvements on the performance side.

On top of that, a lot of the bugs and problems found previously have been now fixed. This means that navigating the world in Google Earth is smoother than ever and the experience is overall better than ever. Without these performance tweaks and checkups, it wouldn’t be long before the app became a sluggish program with little to no joy left in loading a part of the world for 3D view.

Google Earth for beginners

If you’re new to Google Earth and haven’t yet gotten the opportunity to play around with this terrific app, you are in for a total delight. The app will give you access to some amazing features and will help you learn a lot about the planet in its current form. Here are some of the things you should look forward to:

  • Explore the planet from above, getting a high perspective on the globe
  • Scroll seamlessly between multiple zoom phases which allow you to switch how far away or up close and personal you get with your exploring
  • You can observe buildings, landmarks, sites and people from extremely close, or get an overview of a geographical mass, whether it’s a country, continent, city, village or just a river
  • The closest you can get is Street View, which allows you to get satellite images of streets from the exact point you are checking out
  • You can walk the streets of the world’s most popular cities and explore “on foot” as if you were truly there

Downloading Google Earth

Google Earth can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and updates as such, or you can download the APK file from a trusted website and proceed to install the app manually. The benefit of installing the app manually is that you can get around not having an internet connection of your phone if that’s the case.

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