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[Download] GTA 5 Online with New Plane and New Modes


GTA 5 has been released a few years ago but it continues to be popular to this day. Grand Theft Auto 5 got an online version that attracted even more players. That’s why Rockstar Games is constantly adding new updates to it, despite the fact that most fans are already speculating about Grand Theft Auto VI.

New plane

GTA 5 Online players also received new aircraft. The plane is heavily armed and it is named Mammoth Mogul. You can use its front-facing machine gun and its .50 calibre turret and you can get updates like a bay for explosives or jet-assisted take-off. The new plane can be bought from Warstock Cache & Carry.

This new plane also comes with some gifts for the players. To celebrate the new additions, Rockstar gives you 25% off these upgrades and items: Hangar Workshop, Flight and Air Racing Suits, Aircraft Handling Upgrades, Engine Upgrades Armor Upgrades, Progen T20 (Super), Aircraft Weapons Upgrades, Mobile Operation Center Cabs, APC (both Buy it Now & Trade Price).

New mode

The game now comes with an adversary mode named Stockpile, which was presents as a “jet-fueled take on capture-the-flag.” Stockpile can be played with two, three or four teams, up to 16 players and all of them have aircraft that is equipped with missiles and machine guns.

In this mode you have to take as much loot as you can and then bring it back to your base. The team that has to most loot will be the winner. Stockpile also came with a gift for players and they can get double RP and GTA $ from this mode, until October 9.

Premium Race for this week

Around the Docks is the Premium Race for this week and it is only for motorbikes. You can get triple RP and big money prizes if you finish the race in the top three.

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