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Nvidia Shield TV Update Available with Google Assistant and New Features


The Shield TV will receive Nvidia version 6.0 which has been recently released. One important thing to note is that this will allow Shield TV users to control things hands-free, thanks to Google Assistant. This new addition has been announced back in January at CES, and now it is finally here.

Google assistant will allow you to control Shield TVs easily

TVs are not simple devices anymore, and smart technology is used to enhance the experience of the users. Google Assistant will allow you to control the Shield TV without using your hands, making it the first Android TV that will receive so many Google Assistant features. Users should be able to do on Shield TV almost everything they do on the Google Home, with some small exceptions like phone calls, alarms and timers.

Useful features

Thanks to Nvidia version 6.0, this TV will come with useful functions like voice search, and hands-free control of smart home and media playback.

Audio commands will actually work better on the big screen because will receive visual information as well. For example if you want to check your agenda, you will be able to see all your appointments up on the big screen. Weather forecasts will show you the complete weather report for the next five days. Having this information on the big screen can feel better.

Google Assistant will cast audio on Google Cast speakers or Google Home. You can use Google Assistant for HBO, Netflix, or others. You will be able to control your movies and your shows and pause, fast-forward or simply adjust your volume. Google Assistant is a great improvement for Android phones and it should be the beginning of a new generation of quality devices.

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