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[Download] Google Earth VR Update with Added Street View Data


Google Maps continues to be the best app when it comes to exploring different areas all over the world. One of its most important features is Street View since it allows you to explore any location as if you were actually there. You can get a 360 perspective of almost any road and while this function is old, Google continues to enhance it as time goes by. Now that VR is popular, and Google Earth is available on it, many users were expecting a VR version for Street View, since at first only 3D Google Maps Satellite view was available. Now it appears that the app will finally bring what we wanted.

Google brought a new update for Google Earth VR

Street View has finally come to Google Earth VR after the last update. However, the feature is not how we would have imagined it and hopefully Google will bring some tweaks in the future. For now, the new version will allow you to teleport in the sphere and you can see a preview of it), but Street View does not work the same in VR. One of its more important characteristics is gone: users can’t travel when they use it. This means that they will only get a 360 VR image, but if they want to move a little further they will need to go back to satellite view and then go to street view and select another area. This whole process is way too complicated and it take more time than it should. We can only hope that they will use this as a base and they will continue to enhance the feature. This way we will get the entire Street View experience and the advantages of VR.

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