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Chromebooks Comes with Google Assistant New Improvements


In this summer rumors wondered over the internet about Google Assistant and what a great idea would it be if Google Assistant would be available on Chromebooks. And now the Google Home App has confirmed what Google Assistant is going to be launched for Chromebooks.

Since nobody ever complained about new features added to our devices, then there’s no harm in having Google Assistant on Chromebooks, right?

We have Google Assistant on a lot of Android devices since last year, when Pixel phones launched. So all Android 6.0 Marshmallow and the next ones enjoy his presence. Google Assistant is on Google Home, Android Wear, headphones, and Android TV so it wouldn’t be completely odd to launch on another platform.

Google Assistant is Going to be Available on Many Devices

On 9to5Google we’ve seen a report according to which the ‘Available on’ section shows that ‘Chat with your Assistant’ app is compatible with Android phones (6.0 +), Google Home, Allo, Chromebooks, and iOS (9.0 +) devices. There’s also a Chromebook icon above that section, along with icons for a smartphone and a Google Home device.

Not only this section shows us that the Google Assistant will come to Chrome OS but it also hints that it would be a feature for PixelBook too. The PixelBook might also have a physical button for Google Assistant, according to some solid evidence found on ChromeUnboxed. Even if there won’t be a physical button, it looks like the Assistant support is a step forward in making Chrome an option in replacing Android OS on tablets.

PixelBooks are going to be released along with new Pixel phones and the Google Home Mini on October 4, at a press event. We’re surely going to see announcements regarding the Google Assistant support on Chrome. The good news is that the event is coming very soon and will put our mind at peace once we hear everything about the Chrome devices and the Google Assistant.

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