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[Download] Google Play Store APK Version with UI Changes and Fixes


Whenever you needed a game or an app, you would end up using Google Play Store, if your device runs on Android, of course. This means that the only official app that will provide you all other apps that you would need has to be secured, highly effective and bug free.

So, as it is one of the most browsed apps in matters of searching and downloading apps, games, books and more, Google Play Store is continuously being updated in order to keep it secured, bug-free and easy to access. The latest version is the best one, as it comes as a fix and as an improvement over the previous one.

Lately we’ve seen Google work a lot on their updates as they kept releasing them at a two days’ distance, giving us four updates in a week. So if you haven’t checked what they’ve updated yet and only cleared your persisting notifications that Google Play Store has been updated, then you should check your app right now.

New UI Changes in the Google Play Store Version 8.2.56

There are new features and some UI changes in this update. The main menu at the left of the search bar now includes the ‘Games’ section above movies and music.

If you are one of those who haven’t seen the change in UI, then you have two options:

  1. Wait for the 8.2.56 version to show up and automatically update your app.
  2. Download the APK file to upgrade to the latest Google Play Store version.

It is recommended that you wait for the official notification from Google that your app has been updated rather than doing it by yourself through APK file installing.

Being updated to the latest version is very important as it will allow you have a safe, bug-free app, an improved and stable app in order to take advantage of the best browsing experience.

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