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[Download] Chrome Dev 63.0.3223.7 – A New Challenge is Raised to the Community


Finally, a new version of Chrome Dev has been made available and can now be snatched from the Google Play Store by anyone willing to do some testing work. It’s a great opportunity for those that want to take a super deep sneak peak under the hood of Google’s development process and at the end of the experience, you can walk away with bragging rights in front of your friends.

What’s new in version 63.0.3223.7?

As per usual with new updates for Chrome Dev, users are invited to discover a slew of surprises inside, so a precise number or definition of existent features is not really available. You can however be sure that once you install the newest version of Chrome Dev, you will be assaulted by a stampede of untested and unstable features or tweaks that will definitely take you by surprise, at least in some cases.

What’s Chrome Dev?

For those that aren’t familiar with this service, Chrome Dev is basically going a step backwards, before you arrive to the beta version of the app. On the dev version, you get to see what kind of ideas the developers are juggling with for the next public release. It’s a great thing to check out especially if you’re a Google fan and like the kind of software they put out in general. The latest version, 63.0.3223.7, provides insight on the most recent ideas and prototypes attempted by Google’s dev team. Who’s to say what will stay in the build and what will be scrapped or discarded early on? Possibly you, if you decide to give it a go and check out a super unpolished version.

Be warned however that the Chrome Dev apps are usually highly unstable so don’t expect a smooth “vacation” while you’re rocking these, otherwise you’re just asking for a bad time. If you are however prepared for a rocky road and possibly some really neat discoveries along the way, then hesitate no more and try out version 63.0.3223.7 of Chrome Dev.

Chrome Dev history

Google has been putting out these Chrome Dev updates since as far back as 2015. That should definitely give you some idea of how dedicated they are in letting you in on the process and showing you what they’re thinking of implementing next.

Great learning tool

While it might seem like nothing but a waste of time to some, it can actually be a great learning tool, especially for someone that is interested in starting a career in software development. Getting an up close and personal with one of Google’s apps while it’s still in its “development cocoon” is a big deal and the fact that you can just go to the Google Play Store and download it makes it even better.

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