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[Download] WhatsApp Messenger 2.17.363 Beta with New Features and Changes


If you didn’t have enough WhatsApp content to entertain yourself with, now you can upgrade the experience with the latest 2.17.363 beta release. The latest iteration of the WhatsApp update process brings new features to excited fans which want to know what they can expect from the newest version. The fact that it’s the 2.17.363 beta version might also scare off a couple of potential users but ultimately the new app update brings forth great new features that improve the quality of the app. While that might sound exciting enough on its own, you probably want some specifics as well. Here are the new features added to the 2.17.363 beta update.

Text only status messages

WhatsApp users have been complaining for quite some time about the fact that they’d like to have text only status message options available. Sometimes the only thing you want to share is a bit of text so this feature is definitely welcomed by the WhatsApp community. The status is available for a total of 24 hours, which gives you more than enough time to look for and find a new clever status to improve your friends with.

In order to use this feature, you have to use the pencil icon on the Status section. After tapping on it, simply type your desired status message and make sure that your status will have a background image color behind it. Once that’s taken care of, you can proudly count yourself among those who are using a text only status message.

New video call options

Video calling has been a pretty iffy feature in most places where it has been implemented simply because there’s a lot of correlation to be done between the two devices and the server if you want to get it right. WhatsApp is among the few developers that provide such a feature which works in great condition. Now, it will perform even better thanks to the new multitasking feature that was added for Android 8.0 and up. Basically, you can now tap Backwards while in a video call so that your phone starts displaying the video call image in a picture in picture mode.

For those that haven’t been on the internet for the past decade, WhatsApp is a great IM application which provides top quality services revolving around talking to people you know or meeting new people entirely. You can have very private conversations but also make public or restricted groups where you and as many people as you want can start a huge conversation or just periodically share information about a broad range of topics.

If you’re not yet a WhatsApp users, you should know that it’s free to use and with the release of the 2.17.363 beta version, there’s no better time to give it a try and just see if it’s the kind of app you would need.

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