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Mozilla Firefox For Android Offers More On The Table


You might have used another Web browser for a long time now. However, there is one that you might be interested in. It is not only for desktop computers, but also for Android mobile devices.

In fact, Mozilla has released their most customizable version of Firefox for Android. Likewise, Mozilla claims that their mobile Internet browser has been design to be fast, smart, and safe for all users.

The main features include:

  • Customizable home panels allow you to display the app however you like it. You can even add new content and receive feeds from your favorite apps in an instant.
  • You can also Sync Firefox tabs, bookmarks, history, and passwords from the desktop to your mobile browsers.
  • You can also install Add-ons to your Web browser, such as Password Manager, Ad-Blocker, and many more.
  • Supported languages sum up to 59.
  • Supports HTML5, which you can use to bring unlimited possibilities of the Web on your mobile device.
  • Additionally, Firefox supports mobile video for a wide array of formats, such as H.264 and the like.
  • Of course, security plays a huge part of this app, which keeps your browsing experience as safe and private as possible. Thus, you may be able to control the privacy, as well as how much data you are going to share on the Internet.

The most recent addition to Mozilla Firefox for Android includes the following changes.

  • Bug fixes have been given much priority for the latest version of Firefox.
  • Page loading speed on 3G networks has also been fixed.
  • More support for the Do-Not-Track header has been added as well.

Mozilla Firefox for Android version 5.0 requires Android 2.0 and higher. It also requires 512MB of RAM with 17MB of minimum storage. Your Android phone should also have at least an ARM7 processor to run Firefox flawlessly.

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