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Best Mac Apps of 2018 Revealed


We all see that technology is evolving fast and we like the news it brings. Every new update makes our life easier, but it also means that we have to adapt faster and learn new thing as often as a new operating system or smartphone is released.

In an age when equipment becomes outdated very fast, some classic items still manage to keep up. The famous Mac can be included in the ”oldies, but goldies” category, but it still has a lot to show.

Even if the OS is not as new as the iPhone and iPad, in 2018 it received some cool updates. The users’ favourite apps were improved and people were very happy to rediscover them. Since 2018 is almost gone, let’s see what this year’s best Mac apps are.

The list also includes apps that migrated from iOS

Drafts for Mac beta

This app is not officially out yet, but people who use text on their iOS and Mac devices already have the beta version. Drafts launches a blank text field where the user can create lists, articles, ideas and many more. When the text is done, people can turn it into emails, blog posts and others.

Things 3.5

This is the most user-friendly reminder for Mac OS. It helps you keep your ”things” and schedule tidy, so that you don’t forget anything. Unfortunately, you will have to pay a fee for using this Things 3.5 – around $49.99.

Pixelmator Pro

Now it’s time to meet a professional and cheap image editing app. It’s very user-friendly and its features are similar to those of Photoshop. You could try and see how it works, even if you have to pay around $39.99 for it.


This app helps users see their daily notes differently. In fact, it is a combination between a calendar, a tool for taking notes and to-do lists. It can be used on Mac and iOS and it’s very useful in any circumstance. You can use it to organize your personal or professional plans and it’s free.

Mojave Finder

Mojave Finder comes with a lot of amazing features that can easily turn it into 2018’s best app for Mac. The best part is that it’s free, so try and see how it works. All these tools and more can be downloaded from Apple’s app store.

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