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Android Pie arrives on OnePlus 5 and 5T: System-wide Changes


Owners of the OnePlus and OnePlus will receive the long-awaited Android Pie update in the following date as OnePlus started the global roll out.

The update has been integrated inside Oxygen OS 9.0.0 which features the best traits of Android Pie and the latest security patches. OnePlus announced the release of the update with a post on the official blog of the company.

Users will be able to download the update Over the Air. Below you can find out a comprehensive list of improvements brought by the new OS version.


System-wide changes

The version of the OS has been updated to Android 9 Pie.

The UI has been refreshed.

Owners of the OnePlus 5T model will be able to use the new navigation gestures.

The system security has been boosted with the integration of the latest security patches for December.

Improved Gaming Mode 3.0

Support for text notifications has been added.

You will be also able to receive calls from third-party apps.

Brand new Do Not Disturb Mode

Users will now be able to activate a customizable Do Not Disturb mode.

Camera improvements

The Camera is now compatible with the Google Lens Mode.

Oxygen OS is one of the most popular OEMs as OnePlus is able to create a beautiful mixture between the standard OS and a personal touch that makes it stand apart in comparison to other OEMs offered by the competition.

Here are some important things that users should now before they install the update:

The new brightness algorithm will require a brief period of adjustment before it starts to work properly. As owners use their devices in different environments the device will track their preferences and switch the brightness level accordingly.

Where is the Digital Wellbeing app?

This app is currently limited to Google Pixel and Android One devices but support for OnePlus devices may be added in the future.

Compatibility issues: Many apps haven’t been updated to support the latest version of Android. If your favorite app crashes upon launch you should contact the app developer.

The new update will be released around the globe in the following days.

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