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WhatsApp To Support All File Types For Sharing


It seems that the developers of WhatsApp are currently working on a new feature that will allow you to send any file types via their application. However, we need to mention that this new feature will only function on devices running on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

According to WinBeta, this new feature has already been activated for some users, but it is not sure if it will be released for all users anytime soon. We think that the developers will probably release a WhatsApp BETA version where everyone will be able to test it out before it will be released to the public.

The same website claims that once this feature will be enabled for users, they will be able to share all file types on the platform. However, the maximum file size will still be 100MB for Android and 128MB for iOS. The file sharing option is also available for WhatsApp Web, but the file maximum size is set to 64MB.

You can now share file types such as .doc, .docx, .pdf, .ppt, .pptx, .txt, .xls and similar. We remind you that the “Document Sharing” feature has been added about a year ago, and it is very useful for anyone who needs to transfer these types of documents.

There are reports saying that WhatsApp might even allow users to share APK and MP3 files, but this has not been confirmed yet by the developers. The application is also expected to receive a new feature that will allow you to recall messages after you sent them. However, this feature will only work only before 5 minutes have passed and if the user has not read it yet. Unfortunately, there are no new rumors regarding the “Video Conference” feature, which makes us think that it will not be added to the application anytime soon.

What other new features would you like to see being added to the WhatsApp application?

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