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WhatsApp Download and Install Available on Nokia C5


When it comes to modern smartphones, Nokia is no longer a brand that is popular among users. However, it continues to launch products, and there are many people, including older persons who prefer a simpler device that is easy to use and cheaper. However, some users began to wonder if older devices are able to use some modern applications. Therefore, a new experiment began in order to check if it is possible to install WhatsApp for Nokia C5. And the results were surprising.

WhatsApp support

Numerous Nokia devices stopped receiving WhatsApp support. Back in December 2016, numerous Nokia handsets stopped supporting the app, and five other phones joined them this year. Some of the handsets are: Nokia E6, 5233, C5 03, Asha 306, and E52.

But this does not mean that the messaging app cannot support other Nokia phones. Many Symbian and Nokia devices still receive WhatsApp updates and support from both the official app website and Google Play Store.

Nokia C5 users can download WhatsApp

It appears that Nokia C5 owners are able to download and install WhatsApp. All you have to do is head over to the official WhatsApp website and check the Nokia category, or you can simply head over to the Nokia Store. The good news is that this device is still receiving support from WhatsApp, which means that you will continue to receive updates on Nokia C5.

In fact, Nokia smartphones that use Symbian OS are supported by the app. However, we do not know for how long this would last since older devices may lose WhatsApp support in the future.

As long as you have WhatsApp support you should take advantage of it. Download the app and make sure that you keep your app up to date.

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