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[Download] Google Play Store Update with Bug Fixes and Security Enhancements


If you are an Android user, you are probably already aware that the Google Play Store app releases new updates constantly. While there are some persons who don’t really understand the frequent updates, it is important to keep your Play Store up to date in order to avoid any performance issues. Right now the Google Play Store app reached version 8.3.42. This is another update that does not come with any noticeable changes, and it only brings some improvements under the hood.

Bug fixes and security enhancements

As always, minor updates like this one focus on fixing certain bugs or improving security. And it is very important to have the best security on Play Store since questionable applications can damage your device. Therefore, the scanning process of Google Play Store is very important since it determines whether an app is safe or not.

You probably already know, but it takes some time until these updates reach all users from across the globe. Version 8.4.42 should be released gradually and it will reach all regions in time. Therefore, if you did not get the latest Google Play Store update you should probably wait a bit longer. If you dislike waiting and you want to get it right now. The APK file does not come with any threats and it has already been checked. It should work just like a normal update, which means that you will continue to receive Play Store updates regularly

Make sure you update your app

Even if this update does not come with any visual changes, don’t forget to download it. Keeping your Play Store up to date is a good way to make sure that your device is safe from malicious applications.

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