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Skype vs. Viber Comparison –  Which Video Chat App Is Better For You?


We live in the age of technology and every single aspect of our lives has been updated. When it comes to communication, distance is no longer a problem. You can see and hear your loved ones no matter how far they are, thanks to modern day technology.

Video chatting is one of the simplest ways to keep in touch with someone. But which app to install? There are numerous options and it can be hard to pick the right one. Today we take a look at Skype and Viber, the most popular video chat apps.


You can get both apps for free, and you do not need to pay for messages or calls. However, if you want to upgrade Skype and call to mobile phones or landlines you will need to pay.

Number of users

Skype is an older app, one of the first apps of its kind so it is normal for it to be more popular than Viber. While it may not have millions of users, Viber is more and more popular, especially for smartphones.


Skype had more time to develop and add new features, based on its users’ needs. Lately, the app added a new coding function that allows you to demonstrate you coding skills at an online job interview. Viber still has the basic functions and a clean interface that is easy to use, but it lacks the more complex features.


While both apps have a PC and a mobile version, they have different targets. Viber is more popular on mobile devices because it is simpler. Meanwhile, Skype is mostly a PC app and it works better on a computer since that is where you can see all its advanced functions.

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