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iOS 10.3.2 & 11 Beta Jailbreak Release Date Soon


After Apple released iOS 10 it appeared that jailbreaking was finally dead. The jailbreaking community went silent and no one was able to come with a jailbreak for the latest iOS. Most jailbreak fans couldn’t update their phones and lost was gradually lost. When no one expected it, KeenLab posted a new video, unveiling an iOS 3.2 jailbreak. And that was not the only surprise.

iOS 11 beta jailbreak

Since no one was able to jailbreak the latest iOS 10 versions, users began to think that Apple finally found a way to stop jailbreaking and the upcoming iOS will be untouchable. However, KeenLab managed to surprise everyone. Not only that it finally found a jailbreak solution for iOS 10.3.2, but the video also shows an iOS 11 beta jailbreak. This is amazing news considering the fact that iOS 11 hasn’t even been officially released and we only have beta versions for it.

Surprisingly, the video shows a smooth jailbreak that loads quickly. It almost makes us wonder why it took so long for a iOS 10.3.2 jailbreak to appear. The video shows three iPhones with two different iOS versions, and the jailbreak works on them all, although the iOS 11 beta jailbreak takes longer to load.

So when will the jailbreak be released?

This is the bad news. We do not know for sure if KeenLab is planning to release the jailbreak. However, considering the clean, user-friendly interface of the jailbreak, it is very likely that they will release it to the public, we just don’t know when. It would make sense if KeenLab decides to release the jailbreak after iOS 11 is officially launched. Perhaps we can also get an iOS 11 jailbreak right away.

  1. john rogers says

    sure sure . been hearing that for months. give up. its over

    1. Mostafa Shishe Bor says

      when ?

    1. Brovaries says

      lol tiny dick mcgee

  2. Mr. Username says

    will ios 11 jailbreak work on my Nokia 3310?

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