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New Features Coming to WhatsApp Android Beta


Last week we got the chance to see the rolling out of a new feature on WhatsApp, namely sharing any type of file. Now, people who are using the Android beta report have noticed that the developers added another new feature, namely media bundling. Besides, they also noticed an aesthetic change, which is a new call screen. It may not look like a big update, but it is useful since it lets you send photos to a contact as an album. iPhone users have already received the update earlier in June.

Useful Addition

Android Police reported that those who are using the WhatsApp beta for Android have noticed the developers made a change to the manner in which the photo bundles will appear both to the sender and to the recipient. Now you can send several photos to your friends on WhatsApp, and they will receive them as an album. Before, they could only see them appearing as one after the other, not as an album like they do now.

Once the user opens the album, all the images will be visible on a single page. This feature shows that WhatsApp is keeping more room for the photos that get shared.

Call Screen Update

Besides this, the new changes also include an update to the call screen on WhatsApp. Now you will have to swipe up and not sideways if you want to answer a call.

Meanwhile, the stable users of the instant messaging app are also currently receiving the feature of sharing any type of file. Up until now, you couldn’t share all the types of files with the help of the app. Now you can even send archives and lots of documents on iPhone, Android and even Windows Phone. The feature is currently limited, but they will probably introduce it for everybody.

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