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Win Every Pokemon Go Raid Battle with These Fine Tips


The latest Pokemon Go update saw the introduction of a brand new battle mode called Raid Battles. Raid Battles are co-op missions where a maximum of 20 players gather to a local Gym and fight against the Raid Boss. If the Raid Boss, a powerful monster, is defeated by them, each and every person that took part in the battle gets a reward consisting of Technical Machines, a new item in the game that can be used to teach your Pokemon a random skill.

Naturally, everyone wants to be the best there ever was and dominate in Raid Battles. Here are five tips that will help you do just that.

  1. Arrive early to the battle

There is a two-hour warning before each battle in order to give players time to gather. Then, the battle lasts for one hour, and you can fight the Raid Boss at any point during that hour. But the most effective an rewarding time to do so is just at the beginning, so make sure to get there first.

  1. Choose your Pokemon wisely

The Raid Battle is fought against a single Raid Boss, so choose the Pokemon you want to counter it with wisely.

  1. Dodge hits

Sometimes the best technique in a battle is to dodge as many of the opponent’s attacks as possible.

  1. Use Golden Razz Berries in the bonus challenge

The headline for this particular tip speaks for itself. It can be of great help to use whatever Golden Razz Berries you have left in your inventory in order to complete the bonus challenge.

  1. Introduce yourself to the other Raiders

The best part about Raid Battles is the interaction between you and other Pokemon Go players. So don’t be shy, introduce yourself when you get to the Raid.

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