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Minecraft Xbox One Update Preparing Good News For Players


The Better Together Update has finally arrived and you can now play Minecraft on your Xbox, VR, mobile, and Windows 10. According to its developers, this is the most significant update they have made in the history of the game.

Within this game, you can take the features from the Marketplace that you can share from 1 device to another. You can even leave and pick up where you left it off from your smartphone. Moreover, it allows you to join huge servers and communities around the world.

You can also get the features that Minecraft has released for its users, including the new version of the game. Such features include armor stands, host options, stained glass, fireworks, banners, parrots, new game rules, new world start options, recipe books, host options, and a lot more.

However, Xbox One users would have to wait for the new feature which enables you to share invite links to the Realms. This can now be done in other platforms with the exception of Xbox One. If you have the game on disc, then you will have to wait a bit longer before you can get the free download version of Minecraft.

The new version of Minecraft 1.2 will be available for free if you already have the Minecraft for Xbox One edition. In fact, you can get Better Together Update on your Windows 10, Android, and iOS.

Likewise, players of Nintendo Switch will likely get the update for Minecraft in a little while, as the developers are still getting ready. This is because of the fact that they want to get everything ready before getting the platform onboard. This is because there are still a lot of things that are yet to be done. Thus, they are thinking that the Better Together Update will be available on the Switch in the winter.

Lots of new features, tweaks, and bug fixes are along the way in the hope of making Minecraft a better gaming platform for everyone. If you already have the version of Minecraft on disc, you might want to visit the official website for more details on how to get the Better Together Update.

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